Artificial Grass Around Pools in Kansas City

Installing artificial turf around pools has a number of benefits for homeowners in the Kansas City area looking to maximize the aesthetic appeal and safety features of their poolside.

Synthetic turf around your pool results in:

  • Lower maintenance and cleaning around your pool area.
  • An extremely durable surface that will last years.
  • Extra traction compared to other surfaces that are slippery when wet.
  • Improved poolside and deck safety.

At Xtreme Green of Kansas City, we specialize in synthetic turf installations of every variety. Our crew is experienced at installing professional-grade artificial turf, no matter the size or difficulty of your project.

If you’re interested in a low-maintenance splash turf that also boosts the safety around your pool, contact us today!

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Our Favorite Kansas City Pool Turf Products

Softlawn Prime Fescue

SoftLawn® Prime Fescue uses a Mini-Diamond stalk yarn system, making it a perfect turf to install around your pool. Color variations come in a traditional field green or pleasant olive hue.

  • Yarn Type: Polyethylene
  • Total Product Weight 62oz per sq. yard
  • Secondary Backing: SilverBack ™ Polypropylene
  • Pile Height: 1 3/4″
  • Roll Width: 15 ft.
  • Perforated: Yes
  • Color: Field/Olive

Softlawn EZ Play

EZ Play synthetic grass has been designed with both the parent and the child in mind. The four-color blend provides an authentic grass look while boasting added traction to prevent your child from slipping and falling.

  • Yarn Type Polyethylene/Polypropylene
  • Total Product Weight 87 oz. per square yard
  • Secondary Backing SilverBack™ Polyurethane
  • Pile Height 1 1/8″ (+/- 1/8″)
  • Roll Width 15′
  • Perforated Optional
  • Color Field with Forest/Olive Thatch

Softlawn Bermuda Blend

SoftLawn® Bermuda Blend is a signature poolside turf product with a thatch layer for added body, durability, and comfort. This product will keep your pool deck pristine for decades!

  • Yarn Type Polyethylene/Polypropylene
  • Total Product Weight 87 oz. per sq. yard
  • Secondary Backing SilverBack™ Polyurethane
  • Pile Height 1 1/4″
  • Roll Width 15′
  • Perforated Optional
  • Color Field/Olive

Frequently Asked Pool Turf Questions

Nope! We find the biggest appeal of our synthetic pool turf products is their extreme durability. This applies not only to the heavy foot traffic it is sure to see near your pool but also to its ability to withstand water damage itself.

Artificial grass is made from hardy polyethylene or polypropylene material that does not receive any damage or bleaching from salt or chlorine content, meaning you can enjoy a good-looking poolside surface without any worrying!

Many homeowners with above-ground pools ask us whether or not artificial turf would work well as a base beneath their pool as opposed to concrete or crushed rock surfacing.

The answer is: yes!

We love this application because artificial turf is not only durable enough to withstand weather, it’s also specifically built to handle the heavy traffic that comes around your pool, all while maintaining significantly more traction (and comfort) compared to concrete or crushed rock.

Naturally, don’t expect the turf directly beneath your pool to be pristine after some time. Any filled pool that’s placed on top of the turf will end up flattening the blades.

We’d love to give you a general estimate, but the truth is this is extremely difficult to answer without knowing the particulars of your poolside turf project.

There are so many different types of pools out there in terms of square footage and design, not to mention additional obstacles that vary from lawn to lawn, which is why we encourage all those interested to receive a free estimate by filling out our contact form!

As the two most popular surfacing choices to surround your backyard pool, it’s only natural to wonder which option is cheaper: artificial turf or traditional concrete pool surfacing?

Most often, the artificial turf proves to be the more affordable option for your poolscape, as prices typically max out around the $10 per square foot range. Be sure to consider all the factors particular to your project when comparing the two options, such as total square footage and natural obstacles to the installation itself.

Artificial Turf Around Pool vs Concrete Around Pool

Artificial Pool Turf

  • Excellent traction, even when wet
  • Superior drainage properties
  • Maintains a well-kempt appearance
  • Comfortable on bare feet no matter the weather
  • Extremely low maintenance requirements


  • Blades beneath above-ground pools will flatten
  • Will need occasional brushing or infill


  • Very durable, hard material
  • Can imitate more expensive patio surfacing


  • Prone to cracking over time
  • Very slippery when wet
  • Foundation known to sink over time

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